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  The Instruments I Play

  • Mountain Dulcimer  -  I play FolkRoots dulcimers. They have a lot of volume and a simple, elegant design.  They are built and distributed by FolkCraft. My electric dulcimer was built by David Johnston at Black Mountain Instruments. David also designed and built the dulcimer stand I use in live performance.
  • Taylor Guitars  -  My acoustic guitars are Taylors. They are fantastic instruments. Don't take my word for it - go out and play one for yourself, and see what you think.
  • Kalimba (Thumb Piano)  -  I play Hugh Tracey kalimbas, one of the coolest portable instruments around.

  Recording Tools

  • VS Planet  -  I use Roland VS hard disc recorders to record my music. If you would like to learn more about these machines, VSPlanet.com is a very useful online forum.

  Some Musical Faves

  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra  -  This one-of-a-kind group has been a tremendous influence on me.  Brian Eno produced the Penguin Cafe Orchestra's first album, which is how I found out about them, since I was an Eno fan. Their music always makes me smile.

  Creativity Tools

Interested in enhancing your creativity?  These books are excellent for that sort of thing:

  My Favorite Jazz Musician

  • Doug Robinson  -  Besides being my cool little brother, Doug Robinson is also a talented jazz musician, composer, producer, and a marketing genius. Check out his latest CD, Two Days in November


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